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Varieties of Dhakai Jamdani Saree

A Jamdani saree can be categorized by the variations that each region offers. Dhakai Jamdani from Bangladesh is the original and the finest sarees with the most elaborate workmanship. One Dhakai Jamdani saree could take anywhere between nine months and a year to weave. The Tangail Jamdani is woven in the Tangail district of Bangladesh. Traditionally, these Jamdani sarees have broad borders featuring lotus, lamp and fish scale motifs.

The Shantipur Jamdani from Shantipur, West Bengal, is similar to Tangail Jamdanis. They have a fine texture and these sarees are often decorated with elegantly striped motifs. The Dhaniakhali version of Jamdani has a tighter weave as compared to the Tangail and Shantipur varieties. These are marked by bold colors and dark, contrasting borders. With its roots in Bengal, most Jamdani sarees have motifs that are intricately associated with Bengali culture. Many a time the pallu tells a popular tale or is a pictorial representation of simple village life.


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